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Transformed by Truth: A Testament to My Bible School Journey 

“To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only GOD, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.”

(1 Timothy 1:17, ESV)

When I embarked on my search for a Bible school to pursue my theological education, little did I know that the Albanian Bible School – ISTL would become the transformative catalyst for my spiritual growth and personal development. I write this as a grateful student, eager to share my testimony and shed light on the remarkable experience of studying theology in ISTL.

What initially attracted me to ISTL was the divine will of GOD manifested as an intense desire to study the Word of GOD, which had sprouted within me during my late teenage years. Unfortunately, my family did not support this passion and insisted I pursue a practical secular course as a medical student. At that time, it seemed unattainable for me to pursue academic theology. However, a suggestion from a missionary friend prompted me to search for Bible colleges where I could study extramurally and economically. Through some online research, I discovered ISTL.

ISTL stood out to me due to its reputation for academic excellence. The global faculty and the captivating cultural heritage of Albania intrigued me, ultimately leading me to pursue my theological studies at ISTL. I yearned for an environment that would challenge and broaden my understanding of the Bible, while also providing a global perspective on theology. After careful discernment and prayer, I felt an undeniable calling to embark on my theological journey at ISTL. My journey at ISTL has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The rigorous academic program, harmoniously intertwined with a vibrant spiritual atmosphere, has nurtured my faith and deepened my comprehension of GOD’s Word. The dedicated and experienced faculty, with their unwavering commitment to teaching, have encouraged me to engage critically with theological concepts and apply them to real-life situations. This dynamic blend of theory and practice empowered me to develop my leadership skills and embody biblical principles within diverse contexts.

The comprehensive curriculum at ISTL has equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills needed to serve my community for CHRIST and fulfill my calling. The courses have provided me with a profound understanding of Scripture, revealing dimensions I had never considered before. The theological and ministry-focused teachings have broadened my perspective, making me more suitable for being a servant of GOD. With the ongoing education I am receiving at this institution, I am filled with confidence in my ability to make a positive impact in my future ministry endeavors.

The student body at ISTL represents an eclectic mix of cultures, age groups, denominations, and life experiences. This diverse composition creates an environment that fosters mutual learning and respect. Engaging in theological discussions and sharing our perspectives has expanded my understanding of Christianity and deepened my appreciation for diverse expressions of faith. The community at ISTL feels like a close-knit family, united in our pursuit of truth and our shared passion for serving CHRIST, our LORD and GOD.

The support and guidance I have received from the faculty and staff at ISTL have been invaluable throughout my educational journey. Undoubtedly, being an international student brings its own unique challenges, such as uncertainties in a foreign culture, language barriers, and the need to adjust to a new environment while navigating immigration laws. However, the exceptional dedication of the faculty and staff became evident as they offered assistance whenever needed. Their genuine care for my well-being, along with the provision of valuable resources, helped me overcome the cultural and academic hurdles I encountered. The unwavering prayers, encouragement, and support from both the staff and fellow students have made me feel at home, and I am deeply grateful for the friendships I have forged at ISTL.

I am immensely grateful and thankful to my sweet JESUS for the opportunity to pursue my theological education at ISTL and I wholeheartedly recommend ISTL to prospective students seeking a transformative theological journey. May my testimony serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to those considering studying at ISTL.

– With love, your brother in CHRIST – Shanu


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