2-4 Nëntor 2023

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ISTL Students Need Sponsors (Newsletter 4)

It’s a beautiful thing to see a story of a life changed! It’s even more beautiful to know you played a part in it. Our students come from all over Albania and extend into other countries within the Balkans as well now. ISTL Albania is reaching further than ever before and students are answering the call God is placing on their lives to study His Word and be mentored as future pastors and leaders. This comes at a dear price for many of our students and their families. We have had many donors throughout the years that have sponsored students and the need for sponsorship is growing as our stu-dent enrollment has grown by about 50% in the past year. This year alone, we have 20 current students that are receiving sponsorship for their education but we also have an additional 20 students that are in need of sponsors and cannot pay their school fees. It costs $1,500.00 to sponsor a student for a year at ISTL.
God always provides through His people! Will you consider becom-ing a sponsor for ISTL Albania? You could consider a monthly donation of $150.00 to cover the costs of a student for a full year, but any amount will also help towards the needs of our stu-dents. Read the stories of the lives that have been changed through sponsorship below and please consider becoming a part of someone else’s life changing story now!

Dear donors, Thank you for giving me the oppor-tunity to study at ISTL. It was a blessing to me and a valuable experi-ence that helped me better under-stand God’s plan in my life.I want to thank you for blessing me by allowing me to attend this school. You gave me everything I needed. Be-cause of your financial support, I was able to meet all my needs and I had no problems paying my tuition or liv-ing expenses. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for open-ing these doors. I know that God works through you. “Some are called to be teachers, apostles or evange-lists, but everything is done with love for the glory of God”. You helped me by enabling me to follow the lessons of ISTL so that I could learn more about the Word of God, both profes-sionally and spiritually. God called me to Tirana via ISTL to study at this school. In the meantime, another door has already been opened for me.We are all called as God’s people to preach the gospel, to be a light to others who do not know God. I ex-press my gratitude again and wish that you are all blessed by God, both in your work and in your ministries. I am sure that I could not have at-tend this school without your help. I pray that you may also bless other students, in the same way that you have blessed me. May God be with you and guide you according to the call that He has placed in your heart. With love from your sister in Christ,

Mimoza Shabanaj

Dear donors, I want to thank you for the financial support that has helped me in meet-ing the needs of my studies includ-ing the cost of food, travel and mate-rials needed for the assignments. This has been a great help for me and my family, because my family could not afford to support me with my studies. My family allowed me to study at ISTL because they knew I received financial support. So, my studies had no negative im-pact on their responsibility to take care of me. Your support not only helped me cover my basic needs, but it also allowed me to better understand the Bible, Bible doctrines and teaching. I now can be more effective in my ministry. The studies at ISTL have had a significant impact on the person I am today, because I now under-stand better how I can live out my faith and my daily walk with Je-sus. Without your support, it would have been impossible for me to enjoy all these benefits. Thank you for this great oppor-tunity. God bless you.

Eduart Kovaci


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