2-4 Nëntor 2023

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ISTL Master’s degree (Newsletter )

One year ago ISTL and TCM In-ternational Institutemade an agreement to offer a master’s de-gree to ISTL students who com-pleted their Bachelor of Theology studies at our school.Currently, 14 students have en-rolled for this master’s study and they are regularly taking classes to meet the requirements. The students are enjoying their stud-ies very much and it is their prayer to expand their knowledge of the Word of God, so that they can be good followers of Christ, wherever He is calling them to serve.

From a Student

Tomor Ajeti is the pastor of the Fitorja (“Victory”) church in Ti-rana. He is also a former ISTL student. Tomor shares his expe-riences with the Master’s clas-ses so far:

“I started TCMI in 2019 and it was a desire that I had for many years but the possibilities were not available. When we got the news from ISTL that we could pursue a Master’s degree with TCMI, I enrolled immediately. The courses, so far, have been excellent and I have gained much from all of them. The study has helped my pastoral ministry immensely. I really would like to say ‘Thank You’ to all who make this education possible for us in pastoral ministry, because we need it to be more effective in our calling”.Tomor AjetiPastor of Victory Church


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